What to do in a thunderstorm?

Published: 11-05-2023

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A thunderstorm is one of the most dangerous weather phenomena. Failure to comply with basic precautions and safety instructions may cause serious health and life hazards. What you should do during a thunderstorm depends on where you are: at home, in the car or outdoors. All three situations are described below.


At home

Before the storm reaches your location, remove all movable objects from the balcony, terrace and all other places exposed to strong gusts of wind. Then go inside and close all doors and windows. You also need to be prepared for possible power outages. Turn off all electrical devices and don’t leave the building. If the storm is extremely intense, take shelter in the lowest part of the building. This is usually the basement. Sit against a wall away from anything that could pose a hazard.



When a storm finds you outside, you should find a suitable shelter as soon as possible. For this purpose, you can use strong and stable structures such as bridges, viaducts and culverts. If there is no other option, you can take shelter in the nearest depression in the ground, for example in a ditch. Never seek shelter near trees or power poles. Remember that all tall objects are more vulnerable to lightning strikes. Also, stay away from any metal structures and turn off your phone.


While driving a car

You should remember that your car can fully protect you from atmospheric discharges. Therefore, you must not leave it. Just stop the car in a safe place where it is not likely to be crushed by trees.

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